About SIGA


In order to meet the needs of its clients, SIGA offers a full range of management software for farmers and their consultants: accounting and business management, goat, sheep and swine herd management, least-cost ration formulation, field and crop management and fertilisation.

SIGA clients are located mainly in North America. Since 2010, our French partner ISAGRI has given us the opportunity to serve clients world-wide.

The software are specifically designed to meet the needs of farmers. They are simple, easy to use and intuitive. The data can be entered quickly and can be corrected easily. They are adaptable to different management styles with multiple custom settings and are precious decision-making tools with graphics and clear and concise reports.

SIGA is a partner in LactoLogic Inc. with Lactanet and DSAHR. LactoLogic develops and markets the Lac-T Dairy Herd Management software. Our position as a leader in the farm software industry is the result of the quality of our Customer Care Service and our constant concern to offer our clients high-performance and innovative tools.